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Book Club Questions

Untold Secrets:

1.  Stylistically, do you like the way Debra's story unfolds through parallel historical stories?

2.  What will be future consequences of today's materialsim? 

3.  Does the error lie in teaching little girls to seek "Prince Charming" or in NOT teaching little boys to BE "Prince Charming?"

4.  What must occur before shame can build character?

5.  How is religion a double-edged sword?

6.  Which explanation for "Past Life Visions" (pp 77-78) are salient to your beliefs?

7.  What consequences are there, if any, to ancestral sin?

8.  Is Debra's story a micro-study of a macro-problem in our culture's belief about gender roles?

9.  Is the story more or less compelling to you with the inclusion of discussion about genetic memory?

10.  How important do you feel it is for a child to experience affection from BOTH a mother AND a father?

11.  Do you agree, disagree, or feel Debra's list of "Things I have Learned," (pp 280-281) should not have been included?

12.  If "balance" (p 291) is the key to healthy relationships, what steps are important for maintenance?

13.  From a theological perspective, do you agree with Debra's musing (last paragraph pp 314-315)?

14.  What do you think the author's goal was in writing this book? 




At this Time; In this Place

1.  What experiences have you had with people from other cultures?

2.  Do you think Tuk was wise in thinking Japan was some place Pam needed to "experience" rather than trying to tell her about the differences?

3.  Why did the author include Pam having a relationship/marriage resulting from a pre-marital indescretion?

4.  Do you believe that knowledge of other religions helps to make you stronger in your own religious beliefs?

5.  How were courtships different in the early 20th century?

6.  How did the letters become a factor in Pam and Tuk's relationship - or even in Pam and Chad's relationship?

7.  In the end, would you have made the same choice as Pam?  Why or why not?

8.  Did the book hold your interest, and were there any surprises?

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