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All books available through major distributors like Amazon and B&N, but starving authors make a few $$ more on each book if purchased from the publisher. Each book cover is a hot link to the publisher for check-out.

A French Huguenot Legacy

  • From the Knights Templar to serving in the militia under George Washington, the Huguenots have been keepers of the faith, fighters of freedom, and left their mark on history. The Huguenots were massacred in France in the 17th Century when the Royals declared, "one king, one law, one religion." Fleeing for their lives, and for the right to worship as Protestants, many walked away from lives of nobility.  Jacques Guyon settled on Staten Island; Louis Guion settled first on Guion's Neck in Mamaroneck, then New Rochelle, NY.  Follow their journeys and the lives of their descendants in a true French-American saga.  375 pages / $19.95 / Genealogy appendix /published 2011/ 2nd ed 2018  FREE SHIPPING UNTIL NOON DEC 8, 2019. USE CODE: ONESHIP at check-out. 
At this Time; In this Place
  • An American Christian woman, Pamela Wentworth, and a Japanese Buddhist man, Takuho Osaki, fall in love when Tuk comes to live with Pam's family as an exchange student.  Pam teaches Tuk how to restore a historic home; Tuk teaches Pam how to speak Japanese.  Both teach each other about their culture - but the lessons do not end there.  A mysterious box of letters brings some revelations for the two about what it really means to love someone. Secondary story tells of the life of Dr. Charles Lerrigo, "The Christmas Seal Doctor" and his wife Annabell. Includes much Topeka history, especially in College Hill.   328 pages / $19.95 / published 2009 / E-book also available  25% OFF
Untold Secrets
  • Can memories be genetically transferred through DNA? Are dreams gifts from God? Untold Secrets spans over 150 years from the life of Mary Todd Lincoln in the 1830's to the life of Debra DeVereaux in 1980's revealing a remarkable similarity in the life stories from one generation to the next. Maybe there's a reason that history tends to repeat itself and that families repeat similar dynamics and life cycles.  324 pages / $19.95 / published 2006 / E-book available  25% OFF

Goodnight Mary Ann - The LiveS of Mary Ann Sage 

  • A heart-tugging adventure about the Sage family's arrival into Kansas in 1854.  Alfred Sage was married twice, both times to women named Mary Ann - equally strong women who helped him homestead the Mission Creek & Dover area in Shawnee County. Includes stories of John Brown, the sacking of Lawrence, the underground railroad, and the role of the Kansas Militia during Price's Raid in the Civil War. 115 pages / $12.95 / includes recipe pages / published 2003 / E-book available  25% OFF 

American Heritage: Guiou - Bishop Ancestry

  • A family genealogy and history album researched and compiled in 2014. It begins with the immigration of the French who settled with the Dutch in Neiu Amsterdam (New York) and with the immigration of the English who settled in Virginia. The author descends from 17 passengers on the Mayflower. Book can be read online by clicking on the book link. Give it a couple of minutes to load and use the directional arrows at the bottom to turn pages. 222 pages /published 2014 through by MyCanvas. If this book is unavailable to be shared, go to the "connect" page at the top and send me a note. The cost of this leather-bound edition is quite expensive but intended to be a family heirloom. It can be purchased for $244.