This storybook is unique in the way that it ties the secular tradition of Santa Claus with the birth of Christ. It is hard cover, and illustrated by the author in color. Parents and grandparents will love reading this tale to children, ages 3 & older.

Debra enjoys reading her children's storybooks to young ones during the holidays.

A Star Worth Sharing! 

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Celebrate Jesus's Birthday

Nicholas stepped forward.  "Thank you for coming.  as you know, we've watched this very large, bright star appear in the sky for many years.  We believe this is the star that appeared when the Christ, baby Jesus, was born.  The Wise Men followed the star to the Son of God to bring him gifts.  Tonight it is with great joy that we share the beauty of this star with you.  We wish to give gifts to you to celebrate Jesus's birthday!" 

And so it was, the first time the animals and the people joined as Christ's mass to celebrate.

As the good news of that night spread, giving gifts has become part of our celebration to this day.  Nicholas and Cecelia Claus experienced the joy of sharing, all because they told others of the star they'd seen and helped others to understand why it was so special.