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Debra Guiou Stufflebean

Adjusting to Change

I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more - except that I'm not really mad - I'm sad, and the reality is that I have no choice but to accept the human condition of aging. What's the alternative? Death? Perhaps it is the lack of control that I find myself butting up against. I am married to a man who is running out of steam. His health is compromised and restricts a variety of things, from yardwork to travel. I know this wasn't in his plans for the future either. My adult children have their own problems that if it were within my power, I would love to fix for them. My grandchildren seem to have forgotten us and forgotten that for years we devoted our spare time watching the precious darlings in their various activities. Even my dogs are plotting against me, shedding on every square inch of my home so that I am a slave to housework. Believe me I know that I need a healthy dose of GRATITUDE to fix my ATTITUDE. My pastor had suggested that we keep a gratitude journal this year, but it fell by the wayside as one more thing on my "to-do-list." Maybe that was just an excuse, because as a writer, nothing makes me feel better than unloading my feelings. Then it occurred to me that maybe people need to decompress first in order to clear a path to gratitude. And so I decided to start this blog. I'd love to hear from others about how they handle this time of adjustment, so long as we make a deal that we'll end our posts with one thing we're thankful for. Today it is my home. I love my house and my yard and it brings me much satisfaction when it is clean and kept up. 

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