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Debra Guiou Stufflebean

Who's Lying?

I'm trying to work through in my mind how I feel about the up-roar over Brett Kavanaugh. I have no reason to think that  Christine Blasey Ford is lying as I cannot imagine any woman putting herself in the line of fire where she now even receives death threats. I also think about how many people have done something as teenagers that they sorely regretted. I'm sure SHE regrets whatever brought her to that bedroom. Do I think that attempting to rape someone is "boys will be boys" conduct - ABSOLUTELY NOT, but does alcohol impair judgment - ABSOLUTELY! It isn't the facts of the incident that I keep going over in my mind. It's the timing and who I believe to be lying. I am so sick of political football where the end justifies the means. Knowledge of this teenage assault was known back in July but Democrats sat on the information so that they could orchestrate outcomes to serve their own purposes. Just because that's the way the game is played, doesn't make it right! I don't think it was fair to either of the people involved. Had Kavanaugh humbled himself, admitted to the wrong-doing, publicly apologized to the victim, I would have respected this man as someone who regretted what he had done and has lived a life without any further incidents to be divulged. I do not think it would have cost him his confirmation. Apparently most Americans could care less about sexual behavior, look who was elected as President. Kavanaugh had to know that every day of his life was going to be scrutinized under a microscope. I think because Blasey did not press charges at the time, he believed that she would not have the courage to come forward. He was wrong. In my opinion, he did not pass the test. He took the low road, attempting to deny what happened. There's a reason testimony is taken under oath. Unfortunately, too many think they are above the law and it doesn't apply to them. 

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