Kansas writer

Debra Guiou Stufflebean

Is Most of America in the Middle?

I read a newspaper article today about the rising Democratic Socialist party. It's the bookend of the Republican Tea Party. At times like this, the last thing we need is even more polarization. For several years I have found myself more in the middle than what either party platform was promoting. I think many Americans are there with me. The problem is that voting for the independent is often a vote for the status quo because any challenger needs to have those dissatisfied cast their vote for them. Would America be better served with a 3-party system? Would it be possible for us to get there by pushing back in favor of the middle ground where negotiations run this country instead of polarity? I think at the very least, we need an independent Supreme Court but have my doubts as to whether even that is doable. In my opinion the courts let us down when they allowed big money, instead of capping contributions, to buy elections. Make our candidates raise money the old fashioned way, one voter at a time.

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