Child of God, is a "grow with your child" book that tells the Christmas story but rather than ending with the birth of Jesus, continues to the ascension so that children understand the important secret of the Christ child - everlasting life.  Words are simple enough for the youngest reader, but offers more advanced words which may be plugged into the text where simple words are highlighted.  There is also a question on each page to encourage interaction with a parent.  Illustrated by the author in color, self-published in a soft spiral binding for ease in using tracing paper or making photocopies.  The book retails for $12.95.  While the basis for the book is the Christmas story, this book also helps young children handle death and gives hope.  

Child of God

When it was almost time for Mary's baby to be born, Mary and her husband, Joseph, had to go to the city because the King ordered that everyone be counted

[Older readers can substitute the underlined words with the new word below:]

A Census - the number of people under the rule of a government or King.

[Challenge Question:]

Why do governments keep a census of the people?

[Illustrations are intentionally simple, easily traced and colored by child.]